Colored Laminated Birch Panels up to 48" x 14" x 4" | Blanks for Pens, Knife handles, Game Calls, Pool Cues & more

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Dyed Laminated Wood

  • Frogwood is a high quality engineered dyed laminated birch hardwood
  • Proudly made in the USA. Our factory has been producing laminated engineered materials for more than thirty years, and fabricates large component parts for the US military.
  • Made only with grade A and grade B white birch for great machining and consistent appearance
  • Specialized manufacturing process gives strong, fully-saturated colors that are consistent throughout each panel and from batch to batch
  • Most similar to Webbwood™, Spectraply® & Rutland Colorwood®. Our Resin-infused High Density product (Frogwood RHD5) is a harder material with excellent cutting characteristics, and may be compared with DymondWood®, Dymalux®, and Diamondply®.
  • Available in sizes up to 48” x 14” x 4”
    (maximum thickness for Frogwood RHD is 2.5")
  • Custom color layups are available, using the ten base colors (see Frogwood Laminate Colors)


Frogwood RHD5™

An available alternative to Rutland Dymondwood®

Highly compressed laminated birch

20% more wood per cubic inch

Higher proportion of enhanced thermoset bonding agent

Harder finish

Cuts smoother

Polishes easier

Takes your projects to the next level

Launching in five flexible-use sizes targeted at:

  • Game call strikers
  • Bobbin & spindle makers

  • Knife makers
  • Pistol Grips
  • Pool cues, Snooker cues, Billiard Cues

Contact us for custom sizes and colors

Frogwood RHD5 joins our highly successful Frogwood® range
Extending our machined wood application coverage

New Frogwood® Colors

New Frogwood color - "Cranberry"


New Frogwood color - "Pink Camo"

Pink Camo

Available in 0.75" Pen Blanks and 1.5" x 6" Game Call Blanks

More sizes and thicknesses available on request

Custom Panels & Blanks shipped in 4 to 6 weeks

NOW AVAILABLE - Frogwood® Diagonals!

These pen blanks are cut on an angle, giving an attractive color variation across the whole piece even on totally flat surfaces. When turned as pens, you will get colorful swirls throughout your design.

Visit our Diagonals Shop Page

Currently available in four popular colors, more to come!

Handcrafted Frogwood "Camo" Bow riser and segmented bowl by Casey Cowel
Fine crafted bow riser and segmented bowl by Casey Cowel
These were made from Frogwood "Camo" and show how flowing curves and carving through the colored layers give a spectacular effect
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