Frogwood® Color Mixer

Custom color layups can be made for orders as small as two 48" x 14" panels.
Try our interactive color mixer! Click the color boxes & see the change instantly. "X" clears back to an all-natural block.


Colors are approximate, and are based on polished finished products

The color code for this layup is: 76666NN

These images are simulated to give an impression of the color combinations. Actual colors may vary due to differences in materials and monitor calibration.

Frogwood and Frogwood RHD5 Production Has Ended

With regret we have to inform you that there will be no further production of either of the materials that we sell on

The raw material and labor shortage arising from the events of the past few years has forced our US-based factory to reevaluate their production priorities, and they have decided to cut the highly labor intensive production of our materials.

We have investigated the continuation of through the use of alternative suppliers, but we have built up our business on the highest quality US made products, and we have yet to find an equivalent quality imported wood.

Inventory is selling fast; some more "irregulars" will be added to Clearance, but at this time we anticipate closing in February or March.

Thank you so much to our many repeat customers, we sincerely appreciate your support.

Peter Maloy and Cliff Stetson

Frogwood® Quality and Colors

Frogwood® is made using peeled white birch veneer, dyed and bonded using heat and pressure to make a natural wood material with superior strength and density. We use exclusively Grade 'A' and 'B' material; there may be small knots less than a quarter of an inch in diameter, and the material may contain some amount of heartwood as well as sap wood.

Heartwood and sap wood, and the naturally denser grain from annual growth cycles throughout any hardwood absorb dyes at different rates, so naturally there will be variations in saturation of the color throughout the piece as well as from blank to blank, there may be some sections where the dye barely penetrates, giving small unexpected bursts of natural color within the piece. This enhances the inherent patterns of dark and light shades within the wood.

FrogBlanks maintains tight control over dye colors in manufacturing, and do maintain specific shades of colors for all dyed material, but realistically we're not making plastic; wood does what wood wants to do, which is why it is fascinating to work with - every product made with a natural material is unique.

Please note that the dye contains glycol, and so should NOT be used in an unsealed finished product where it may leach into food.

Frogwood® Laminate Colors

These are the base colors available for Frogwood; any combination of these colors can be mixed to create your own custom layups. Custom color orders have a two panel minimum; 0.

Below the solid color images, you will find our standard color sets.

To truly appreciate the colors in a Frogwood blank you have to machine it, revealing the darker surface colors and the transition to the lighter core colors of every layer of the block. This section gives you an idea of the saturated surface colors of each lamination, and the cut pieces photographed in our Frogwood Blanks product pages show you how those colors come to life in your finished product.



Color Code: 0

Our darkest, most saturated color



Color Code: 8

Introduces lighter tones, great for custom mixups



Color Code: N

Natural undyed birch, use for contrast with colors



Color Code: 4

An intense, saturated yellow



Color Code: 1

Our lightest brown, polishes to a nice gold



Color Code: 9

A softer brown with red tones



Color Code: 2

Cerise/cherry red



Color Code: 9

Deep magenta with pink inner tones



Color Code: 6

Royal blue, for striking color combinations



Color Code: 5

Forest leaf green



Color Code: V

Soft green, great for camo mixes

Frogwood® Standard Colors

Any Frogwood Blank, Panel, or Cut Panel size can be purchased in any of the above solid colors or any of the standard colors shown below with no minimum order requirement.

Custom color layups are available with a two panel minimum; due to current raw material supply issues, new product lead times are eight to ten weeks

African Violet

African Violet

Color Code: 178

Charcoal, Brown, Magenta



Color Code: 9166

Blue, Winewood, Brown, Blue



Color Code: 7700

Magenta, Magenta, Black, Black



Color Code: 9N5

Winewood, Natural, Green



Color Code: N0N8

Natural, Black, Natural, Charcoal



Color Code: 77N1

Magenta, Magenta, Natural, Brown

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Color Code: 009N

Black, Black, Winewood, Natural



Color Code: 81V

Charcoal, Brown, Olive



Color Code: N62

Red, Natural, Blue - note, this will be changing to Red, Natural, Blue, Natural



Color Code: 660N0

Blue, Blue, Black, Natural, Black



Color Code: KKN5

2x Light Red, Natural, Green

Pink Camo

Pink Camo

Color Code: K7N0

Light Red, Magenta, Natural, Black

Dark Camo

Dark Camo

Color Code: 950

Winewood, Green, Black

Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line

Color Code: =060=

Blue centerline, 2 lams for ¾", 3 for 1", 4 for 1-½"

Thin Red Line

Thin Red Line

Color Code: =020=

Red centerline, 2 lams for ¾", 3 for 1", 4 for 1-½"

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Color Code: 291N

Red, Winewood, Brown, Natural



Color Code: 2256

Red, Green, Blue

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle

Color Code: 5598

Green, Green, Winewood, Charcoal



Color Code: 005006

Black, Black, Green, Black, Black, Blue

Quilts by Barbara

Our color selections are made by a team of designers, hobbyists and manufacturers, including Barbara of "Quilts by Barbara".

Barbara has created quilts inspired by the FrogBlanks color layup selections - many of these are now available for adoption!

Email Barbara for more information - these quilts make an ideal gift!

See Barbara's creations on Facebook