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  • Made in the USA
  • Premium grade A/B wood
  • No voids, no infills
  • The best start for your projects

Retired Colors Sale Items

Diagonal Cut Pen Blanks

Color: Patriotic

Retired color
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0.75 x 0.75 x 5"

$3.95 $2.96

Handle Blanks

Color: Camo

Retired color
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SKU: W-81V-AZ06

1 x 1 x 6"

$4.12 $3.09

Game Call Blanks

Color: Classic

Retired color
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SKU: W-N0N8-AH06

1.5 x 1.5 x 6"

$8.04 $6.03

Game Call Blanks

Color: Patriotic

Retired color
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SKU: W-N62-AH06

1.5 x 1.5 x 6"

$8.04 $6.03

24" x 7" Panel

Color: Patriotic

Retired color
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SKU: W-N62-AH24-07

1.5 x 7 x 24"

$72.47 $54.35

Proudly Made In the USA

Newest Additions to FrogBlanks

TWO New Base Colors Added!

Since FrogBlanks' launch, all of our color layups have used a palette of ten base colors - Black, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Charcoal, Winewood, Olive, and Natural.

Now we have two additions to that lineup that can be used in single-color or multi-color panels and blanks:

Burgundy Frogwood, sanded, no finish Yellow Frogwood, sanded, no finish
Burgundy Frogwood on the left, Yellow Frogwood on the right. CNC turned, light sanding, no finish applied

The new burgundy color complements the existing red, and winewood colors:

Unfinished dowels in Winewood, Burgundy, and Red Polished dowels in Winewood, Burgundy, and Red

Frogwood® Color Mixer

Custom color layups can be made for orders as small as two 48" x 14" panels.
Try our interactive color mixer! Click the color boxes & see the change instantly. "X" clears back to an all-natural block.

Colors are approximate, and are based on polished finished products

The color code for this layup is: 76666NN

These images are simulated to give an impression of the color combinations. Actual colors may vary due to differences in materials and monitor calibration.

Yellow Frogwood Frogwood in "Hazard" color layup
Frogwood Dowels

Frogwood RHD5 Dowels

Now available in 516" and larger diameters from 1-18" to 1-12"

See our full range of dowels

The Trifecta Bowl Blank Kit

More details on our Bowl Blanks page

Announcing Frogwood 7" Bowl Blanks

Our largest blanks yet - over 5lb of colorful compressed birch with a beautiful consistent turning feel - no voids in these 100% Grade A/B blanks!

  • Matches our 5" bowl blanks
  • 2.75" thick
  • Can be glued with Titebond III or similar
  • Follow good gluing practice - clean, flat dry dust-free surfaces, clamp and allow to fully cure before turning
  • Protective clothing, glasses and mask recommended at all times when turning.

See our selection here Bowl Blanks

Scroll down the page for 7" bowls, they are listed after our 5" bowl blanks

Frogwood & CNC Machining

Use very sharp cutting tools, carbide if possible. Medium spindle speed with low to medium feed rate for roughing. High spindle speed low feed rate for finishing. Consider this material like cutting cherry, not soft like pine or hard like ash.

The pieces shown above were CNC carved in Frogwood Lilac. The wood was cut on the diagonal to get the wide color bands.

Whatever your project, FrogBlanks has the ideal engineered wood for you. For weight-sensitive applications choose Frogwood®. For extra surface hardness, strength and rigidity, choose Frogwood RHD5™.

Frogwood is a high quality lower density material that is ideal for general turning and woodworking. It is our lowest price point material.

Frogwood RHD5 is heavier but has excellent resilience with smooth cutting and finishing characteristics.


I have the honor of producing 30 patriotic seam rippers for the Quilts of Valor Foundation.

I'm using Frogwood's Patriot Frogblanks, Parfix 900 CA glue, then Ack's abrasive followed by Ack's polishing pastes.

I think you'll agree the results are pretty fantastic.

-- indeed we do! Great job Joaquin, thank you for your work for Quilts of Valor

Joaquin Juatai
Frogwood hummingbird in Lilac color by Phillip Cates

I like Frogwood because it is easy to carve yet stronger than some of the laminates I have worked with in the past. Another big plus is how the colors don't run or mix with each other when varnish is applied. The colors are great and I certainly will be buying more of it in the future!

Phillip Cates - Buffalo MO
Phillip & Sheila Cates are a talented team of wood carvers, see their work in their eBay Store
Frogwood hummingbird in Lilac color by Phillip Cates

Nice material: easy to polish, high gloss finish, slightly flexible - better than SpectraPly® and lighter than stabilized alternatives :)

Mara - Rostock, Germany
Mara creates hair forks "haarforken" in a variety of woods and other materials
Sköldpadda Haarforken
Mara is a Featured Crafter - Check out her other Frogwood designs on our newly revised 'Showcase' pages!

Absolutely love this blank
Cant wait to make different pens with this wood. Awesome to work with and great quality. People love it

John - Florida, United States

I found working with FrogBlanks on the lathe very satisfying. No tear-out, as sometimes happens with laminated wood (e.g. when working with skateboard decks). Can't wait to turn more, and apply them to other projects.

Lynne - Auckland NZ
Lynne creates beautiful rings & other jewelry in a variety of materials
YouWoodNz - Handmade in New Zealand

Cool and unique wood, easy to work with will buy again, thanks!

Mick- Cincinnati, OH
Check out Mick's spectacular selection of knives
Mhagmx Store

Frogwood RHD5™


This stuff turns nice!

Much more smooth than rutland, and definitely more "wood like" than dymalux...

It grips very well on all the playing surfaces (slate, glass, aluminum and titanium.) The sound is very good, and lively....does not have the dull plastic tone to it that others have.

Jeff Harrison - Maryland, USA
Jeff is a Featured Crafter - his gallery shows what can be achieved with custom color layups

Frogblanks turn well and finish great! Superbly crafted with no deficiencies. They are beautiful, super strong and possess a tonal quality that’s second to none. Definitely a wow factor!

James McQuaig, Greybeard Custom Calls Facebook & Instagram
Frogwood RHD5 Strikers by Greybeard Custom Calls

This is the Dymondwood® replacement I have been looking for. I loved the integrity of the layers, sanding and finishing like I used for Dymondwood® . I would say the final result is easily the equal of Dymondwood® and much superior to everything else out there.

Roger Dismore,
Roger is a Featured Crafter - see more of his pens in the Showcase gallery
Frogwood RHD5 pen in Autumn Leaves color by Roger Dismore

Prompt shipping and really appreciated the fact partial sizes could be ordered rather than only the full panel options of some of FrogBlanks competitors. The RHD5 machined very well and the high layer strength left zero tear-out anywhere on my project. Peter and Cliff are obviously very passionate about their product and were helpful every step of the way. I will definitely be ordering again

Nik Beebe - Oregon, USA
Nik Beebe is a Featured Crafter - Nik made an extremely detailed 3D rendering of Mount Saint Helens. His work can be seen at Garage 2 Home Etsy Store