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Frogwood and Frogwood RHD5 Production Has Ended

With regret we have to inform you that there will be no further production of either of the materials that we sell on

The raw material and labor shortage arising from the events of the past few years has forced our US-based factory to reevaluate their production priorities, and they have decided to cut the highly labor intensive production of our materials.

We have investigated the continuation of through the use of alternative suppliers, but we have built up our business on the highest quality US made products, and we have yet to find an equivalent quality imported wood.

Inventory is selling fast; some more "irregulars" will be added to Clearance, but at this time we anticipate closing in February or March.

Thank you so much to our many repeat customers, we sincerely appreciate your support.

Peter Maloy and Cliff Stetson

Introducing Frogwood Colorize™

turned colorize frogwood before dyeing turned colorize frogwood after staining turned colorize frogwood with pen coloring

Frogwood Colorize™ is a new form of colored laminated birch that combines a stable consistent machining experience with the ability to take the full range of available wood dyes, stains, and paints.

Frogwood®, Made in the USA

Frogwood® is an engineered laminated hardwood made from grade A birch for superior cutting qualities with no voids, delaminations, or large knots.

All our material is made in the USA. We can supply Frogwood blanks and panels (up to 48" x 14" x 4" thick) in any of our standard color layups or in your custom color sequence.

For applications requiring a heavier, more rigid material (such as game call strikers, pool cues, and traditional bow risers) we also manufacture Frogwood RHD5™.

RHD5 has a specific gravity of 1.1, and contains nearly 20% more wood bonded under higher compression than standard Frogwood.

Note: the maximum thickness for Frogwood RHD5 is 2 inches

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Featured Video

Alan Stratton uses Frogwood while demonstrating an unusual & beautiful turning technique

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Buying Frogwood and Frogwood RHD5


We have a range of different standard blank sizes, some are available in Frogwood, some in RHD5, and some in both. Please contact us if you'd like to purchase blanks in other sizes (minimum quantities apply).

Pen Blanks
5" x 0.75" square. Available in Frogwood
Cue Blanks
30" x 1.0" square, and 30" x 1.5" square. Available in Frogwood RHD5
Handle Blanks
6" x 1.0" square. Available in Frogwood
Striker Blanks
9" x 0.75" square. Available in Frogwood RHD5. Frogwood RHD5 is more rigid than most colored laminated woods, and has excellent acoustic properties when used for game call strikers.
Game Call Blanks
6" x 1.5" square. Available in Frogwood and Frogwood RHD5. This flexible size can be seen in the current Featured Video.
Bowl Blanks
Available in 2.75" thick Frogwood, in a choice of 5" x 5", or 7" x 7" sizes.
High Density Dowels
We supply small diameter dowels for use in two-piece game call strikers and for spindles, and a range of larger dowels up to 1.5" diameter for general projects. Available in Frogwood RHD5

Panels and Partial Panels

Our full range of available colors and panel sizes can be seen in the Frogwood Panels and FrogwoodRHD5 Panels pages.

The Panels pages show our in-stock inventory, and any standard sizes that can be cut from larger in-stock panels. There may be an additional day or two shipping delay for items that will be cut from larger panels.

While we aim to keep all items in stock, low demand colors or seasonal colors may not always be available.

Reviews and Featured Crafters


This stuff turns nice!

Much more smooth than rutland, and definitely more "wood like" than dymalux...

It grips very well on all the playing surfaces (slate, glass, aluminum and titanium.) The sound is very good, and lively....does not have the dull plastic tone to it that others have.

Jeff Harrison - Maryland, USA Jeff is a Featured Crafter - his gallery shows what can be achieved with custom color layups

I like Frogwood because it is easy to carve yet stronger than some of the laminates I have worked with in the past. Another big plus is how the colors don't run or mix with each other when varnish is applied. The colors are great and I certainly will be buying more of it in the future!

Phillip Cates - Buffalo MO Phillip & Sheila Cates are a talented team of wood carvers, see their work in their eBay Store

Nice material: easy to polish, high gloss finish, slightly flexible - better than SpectraPly® and lighter than stabilized alternatives :)

Mara - Rostock, Germany
Mara creates hair forks "haarforken" in a variety of woods and other materials
Sköldpadda Haarforken
Mara is a Featured Crafter - Check out her other Frogwood designs on 'Showcase' pages!

I found working with FrogBlanks on the lathe very satisfying. No tear-out, as sometimes happens with laminated wood (e.g. when working with skateboard decks). Can't wait to turn more, and apply them to other projects.

Lynne - Auckland NZ
Lynne creates beautiful rings & other jewelry in a variety of materials
YouWoodNz - Handmade in New Zealand

As a call maker I’m confronted with the decision of what woods to pair together and sometimes a certain wood doesn’t have the sound but has the look I want, but with Frogwood I don’t have to worry about sound because Frogwood has excellent sound quality….and with the color options I know I’ll have the ability to pair with any wood type and achieve the visual appeal I’m looking for.

Frogwood is always readily available in any color or even custom colors and it’s workability is awesome, turns smooth and easily.

Love working with Frogwood!!!!

Stefan Brownlie, Zero Game Calls

This is the Dymondwood® replacement I have been looking for. I loved the integrity of the layers, sanding and finishing like I used for Dymondwood® . I would say the final result is easily the equal of Dymondwood® and much superior to everything else out there.

Frogwood RHD5 pen in Autumn Leaves color by Roger Dismore Roger Dismore,
Roger is a Featured Crafter - see more of his pens in the Showcase gallery