We have moved! With the introduction of new product ranges, we have moved from AcrylicFrog.com to FrogBlanks.com


New Product Launch

Thin Blue Line & Thin Red Line Frogwood!

Currently only available in pen blank size (0.75" square by 5"), these colors honoring our First Responders can be custom ordered in any size up to our maximum panel size - 14" x 47" x 4" thick.

Made in America

USA Made

Our acrylic and birchwood blanks are developed in conjunction with US manufacturers, manufactured in the USA and distributed from our Western New York facilities. We aim to keep our standard product lines in stock at all times and ship to you in one to five business days. At times of high demand, we may have to backorder all or part of your order. We will let you know if this happens when you place your order, and aim to ship your purchase to you within four weeks.

AcrylicFrog products are manufactured using our exclusive process and are available only here at FrogBlanks.com

Frogwood™ and AcrylicFrog™ Blanks

Custom Sizes

You wil find a selection of popular turning blank sizes in the shopping section of this site, initially aimed at pen blanks, blanks for turning handles, and a selection of larger blanks for game calls, kitchen utensils & similar size products.

We are able to cut alternative sizes, we're currently looking at the best sizes for cue sticks, jewelry, knife handles and pistol grips. If you do not see the size that you need, please contact us to discuss your requirement.

This Week's Featured Crafter: DJ from SoCoMo Woodwork

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Frogwood™ is an engineered laminated colored birch hardwood, similar to Webbwood™, Spectraply® & Rutland Colorwood®. It is a strong but lightweight material available in lengths up to 47", suitable for use in diverse applications including gun stocks and billiard cues.


AcrylicFrog™ is a robust brightly-colored laminated acrylic material suitable for turning and machining for use in a wide variety of decorative and architectural applications. AcrylicFrog is supplied as blanks in a range of widths and lengths, and is available in retail and wholesale quantities.

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Proudly selling products made in our US manufacturing facilities and by our US based manufacturing partners.

Our goal is to provide items made to a consistent quality standard with short lead times. We believe the best way to achieve this is to work exclusively with American suppliers for our raw materials and manufactured parts.

AcrylicFrog, suppliers of acrylic and wood colored laminated blanks for wood turning and machining.