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we make custom blanks?

Our regular lineup of blanks shows our most popular sizes, but it doesn't end there. We cut all our blanks from the largest panels in the industry, we can cut any size* you want, and dowels too!

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Dyed Laminated Wood

  • Frogwood is a high quality engineered dyed laminated birch hardwood
  • Proudly made in the USA. Our factory has been producing laminated engineered materials for more than thirty years, and fabricates large component parts for the US military.
  • Made only with grade A and grade B white birch for great machining and consistent appearance
  • Specialized manufacturing process gives strong, fully-saturated colors that are consistent throughout each panel and from batch to batch
  • Most similar to Webbwood™, Spectraply® & Rutland Colorwood®
  • Available in sizes up to 48” x 14” x 4”
  • Custom color layups are available, using the ten base colors (see Frogwood Laminate Colors)

USA Made

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Our dyed laminated birch hardwood blanks are manufactured in the USA and distributed from our Western New York facilities. We keep our standard product lines in stock at all times and ship to you in one to five business days. At times of high demand, we may have to backorder all or part of your order. We will let you know if this happens when you place your order, and will ship your purchase from our manufacturing facility within four weeks.

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Frogwood™ is an engineered laminated colored birch hardwood, similar to Webbwood™, Spectraply® & Rutland Colorwood®. It is a strong but lightweight material available in lengths up to 47", suitable for use in diverse applications including gun stocks and billiard cues.

FrogBlanks supplies Frogwood blanks cut to size, please Contact Us if you need a size we do not currently show on the site, or if you would like to design your own color layups.

We can accommodate large volume orders for full-sized panels in any color mix with turnaround time starting at 4 weeks, based on the order size and current manufacturing loads.

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Proudly selling products made in our US manufacturing facilities and by our US based manufacturing partners.

Our goal is to provide items made to a consistent quality standard with short lead times. We believe the best way to achieve this is to work exclusively with American suppliers for our raw materials and manufactured parts.

FrogBlanks, suppliers of colored laminated blanks for wood turning and machining.