About AcrylicFrog™ & Frogwood™

AcrylicFrog and Frogwood products are made in the USA by manufacturers that we selected because of their commitment to quality, strong engineering expertise and customer-focused delivery schedules.

AcrylicFrog is our product, and is the culmination of a year-long development process resulting in an attractive, robust material that looks great and can enhance the visual appeal of a wide range of end-products even in high moisture and temperature environments. It is highly resistant to UV.

Frogwood is made by a manufacturing partner with a decades-long established track record in supplying laminated materials into the electrical industry, and to the highest quality for use in military applications.

acrylic frog

Quality USA Made Colored Acrylic and Wood Laminated Materials

Visual appeal for your craft projects and commercial products

Bold colors and excellent finishing qualities for consistently outstanding results

AcrylicFrog Color Sets

These images are simulated to give an impression of the color combinations. The actual finished pieces have a more complex look due to translucency in the material.

Preview of AcrylicFrog color layups:

Working with AcrylicFrog blanks

AcrylicFrog is a fused laminated material where the individual layers are melted together at the boundary layer, preserving the distinct layer color separation while ensuring a solid mechanical bond.

Intensive development refinement has given us a process that results in a block that will not delaminate when struck by a solid hit with a hammer and sharp chisel, the layer bond is be strong enough to cause breakage of the layer rather than separating along the lamination interface.

Turning, sawing, and machining of the blocks is very easy, with clean melt-free cuts achievable with sufficiently sharp tools. In general, if a cutting process works with wood, it will almost certainly work with AcrylicFrog.

AcrylicFrog blanks can be bonded together to make larger blocks using a solvent-based adhesive such as SciGrip Weld-on 1802. There are a wide variety of formulations available, varying in viscosity and workable time - Weld-on 1802 is reasonably viscous and gives a few minutes within which you can finalize the position of the parts to be joined.


AcrylicFrog gives a high gloss finish when polished; we recommend Novus scratch removal and polishing compounds. We use material with a consistent melting point of around 320F (slight variation is introduced by different coloring agents), so lightly flame-polishing finished pieces can be highly effective - be sure to practice on a scrap piece first, to ensure that you apply the right amount of heat to achieve a high shine.

Limited Warranty

  • In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will replace or refund the defective product. We may request that you return the part for analysis, in which case we will pay for return shipping
  • We aim to provide pieces that are at least the dimensions stated, but due to normal manufacturing tolerances we can only guarantee +/- 1/16th inch
  • Colors vary with lighting conditions; we photograph all pieces either in sunlight or natural-light balanced fluorescent lighting. However, computer screens vary from device to device, and also change as they age. We can not guarantee that the colors that you see on the screen are an exact match to the colors of the material
  • Always wear protective clothing and eye protection when turning any material

Frogwood Laminate Colors

To truly appreciate the colors in a Frogwood blank you have to machine it, revealing the darker surface colors and the transition to the lighter core colors of every layer of the block. This section gives you an idea of the saturated surface colors of each lamination, and the cut pieces photographed in our Frogwood Blanks product pages show you how those colors come to life in your finished product.


Our darkest, most saturated color


A deep brown hue the color of dark chocolate


A softer brown with red tones


Deep burgundy red


Deep magenta with pink inner tones


Royal blue, for striking color combinations


Forest leaf green


This is a much darker, saturated green


Almost as dark as the Black laminates on the surface, but with less saturation through the thickness of the layer giving more grey tones.


Natural undyed birch, with darker bonding agent giving a superb grain effect.

Frogwood Engineered Laminated Birch Plywood

Frogwood is a manufactured engineered laminated birch hardwood, constructed with the grain of all the individual laminations aligned along the same direction. This ensures that when Frogwood blanks are turned, the material cuts consistently without any tearing of the material.

ALL Frogwood blanks are cut with the grain.

Frogwood laminations are dyed using water-soluble FDA approved dyes, and every panel of the material made goes through an autoclave moisture removal process. This extends the manufacturing time, but it minimizes any shrinkage issues and eliminates the cracking problems often seen in imported laminated birch materials.

As in most laminated bonded wood products, Frogwood does contain some formaldehyde from the lamination bonding agent. Levels are kept as low as possible consistent with the delivery of a robust reliable product.

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Proudly selling products made in our US manufacturing facilities and by our US based manufacturing partners.

Our goal is to provide items made to a consistent quality standard with short lead times. We believe the best way to achieve this is to work exclusively with American suppliers for our raw materials and manufactured parts.

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