The original Frogwood. Robust and easy to machine and turn, with a great range of colors. All of our dyes are water-based and FDA approved. If the finished piece is going to be exposed to water, we do recommend sealing with a wax,oil, varnish or polyurethane finish.

Specific gravity approximately 0.85. Frogwood® has 19 laminations per inch.

  1. Frogwood Panels
    Four standard thicknesses
    12", 24", 36", or 48" x 7"
    23 standard color layups
  2. Frogwood Pen Blanks
    0.75" x 5" pen blanks
  3. Diagonal Cut Blanks
    0.75" x 5" pen blanks
  4. Frogwood Handle Blanks
    1" x 6" blanks
  5. Game Call Blanks
    1.5" x 6" versatile craft blank
  6. Frogwood Bowl Blanks
    2.75" x 5" x 5" and 2.75" x 7" x 7" blanks
    Trifecta Bowl Kit Designer
    - pieces to make an awesome 7x7x7" cube!

Frogwood RHD5™

RHD5 has approximately 20% more wood per cubic inch than Frogwood, and has an added thermoset compound in the agent that bonds the laminations. This is extremely robust and takes a great shine, but is much harder and will cause more wear on cutting tools. As with Frogwood, we recommend a protective finish.

Specific gravity approximately 1.1. Frogwood RHD5™ has 24 laminations per inch.

  1. RHD5 Panels
    Four standard thicknesses
    12", 24", 36", or 48" x 7"
    18 standard color layups
  2. RHD5 Pen Blanks
    0.75" x 5" pen blanks
  3. Game Call Striker Blanks
    0.75" x 9" blanks
  4. High Density Dowels
    5/16" x 12" dowels
    Other diameters on request
  5. RHD5 Game Call Blanks
    1.5" x 5" craft blanks
  6. RHD5 Cue Blanks
    1.5" x 30" & 1" x 30" blanks

FrogBlanks™ ResinCast

Made to order cast resin blanks, with and without inset brass tubes. The tubes for tube-in castings are 2" by 7mm.

These cast blanks make great pens on their own, or can be combined with parts turned from Frogwood pen blanks to give a complementing or contrasting combination.

  1. Priceless Wood blanks
  2. Designer Textile
  3. Laser Metallic
  4. Tube-in Label-on
Coming Soon