The original Frogwood. Robust and easy to machine and turn, with a great range of colors. All of our dyes are water-based. Please note that the dye contains glycol, and so should NOT be used in an unsealed finished product where it may leach into food. If the finished piece is going to be exposed to water, we do recommend sealing with a wax,oil, varnish or polyurethane finish.

Specific gravity approximately 0.85. Frogwood® has 19 laminations per inch.

  1. Frogwood Panels
    Four standard thicknesses
    12", 24", 36", or 48" x 7"
    23 standard color layups
  2. Frogwood Pen Blanks
    0.75" x 5" pen blanks
  3. Diagonal Cut Blanks
    0.75" x 5" pen blanks
  4. Frogwood Handle Blanks
    1" x 6" blanks
  5. Game Call Blanks
    1.5" x 6" versatile craft blank
  6. Frogwood Bowl Blanks
    2.75" x 5" x 5" and 2.75" x 7" x 7" blanks
    Trifecta Bowl Kit Designer
    - pieces to make an awesome 7x7x7" cube!

Frogwood RHD5™

RHD5 has approximately 20% more wood per cubic inch than Frogwood, and has an added thermoset compound in the agent that bonds the laminations. This is extremely robust and takes a great shine, but is much harder and will cause more wear on cutting tools. As with Frogwood, we recommend a protective finish.

Specific gravity approximately 1.1. Frogwood RHD5™ has 24 laminations per inch.

  1. RHD5 Panels
    Four standard thicknesses
    12", 24", 36", or 48" x 7"
    18 standard color layups
  2. RHD5 Pen Blanks
    0.75" x 5" pen blanks
  3. Game Call Striker Blanks
    0.75" x 9" blanks
  4. High Density Dowels
    Diameters 516",   1-18",   1-14",   1-38",   1-12"
    Lengths 12",   18",   24",   36"
  5. RHD5 Game Call Blanks
    1.5" x 6" craft blanks
  6. RHD5 Cue Blanks
    1.5" x 30" & 1" x 30" blanks

FrogBlanks™ ResinCast

Made to order cast resin blanks, with and without inset brass tubes. The tubes for tube-in castings are 2" by 7mm.

These cast blanks make great pens on their own, or can be combined with parts turned from Frogwood pen blanks to give a complementing or contrasting combination.

  1. Priceless Wood blanks
  2. Designer Textile
  3. Laser Metallic
  4. Tube-in Label-on
Coming Soon