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Frogwood RHD5™

Resin-infused high density dyed engineered laminated wood made with higher compression giving thinner laminations for superior strength, water resistance, and a striking finished appearance.


Frogwood RHD5™ Cut Panels

Any of our standard colors can be purchased as cut panels 7" wide by 12", 24", 36" or 48". We can also provide full size panels 48" by 14" as a special order - Contact us for pricing.

Four standard thicknesses are available, 0.5", 0.75", 1", and 1.5"

Other thicknesses can be made, with a two panel minimum. The two panels can be different colors with custom layups available at no extra cost.

Please note: our full-sized panels are nearly double the size of panels supplied by other manufacturers.

Manufacturing of new panels currently has a lead time of four to six weeks, however if we can reallocate stock to meet your requirements sooner we will do so.

Other thicknesses are available on request, and we are also able to accommodate custom color layups with a two panel minimum order. Contact us for custom order information

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24"x7" Panel

12" x 7"
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48" x 7"

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Frogwood Lead Times
We maintain stock of our standard cut sizes in all of our standard colors. In-stock orders will ship in 1 to 5 days.

We also keep our standard colors in stock in the form of panels ready to be cut to size. In the event that we are completely sold out of a color, the lead time may be up to six weeks.